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Easy-to-use, intelligent, internet robot that builds a link directory and creates reciprocal links for you!


Zeus Introduction
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Zeus is Search Engine Friendly.

Zeus is a true Internet, web crawling robot, does not query or visit Search Engines and is search-engine-friendly with:

 "Ethical Link Marketing gets you High Rankings in ALL the Major Search Engines."

"Zeus creates true Incoming Links and Link Popularity and does not artificially create or inflate either."

No Spam
No FFA Link Pages
No Link Farms
SE Friendly


C A U T I O N !
Using other link-building programs that query or use the search engines for finding web sites, data or information can penalize or even get your web site banned. This practice is expensive to the SEs as it over-taxes their servers and connections.

The Real Google Dance

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Zeus Creator, David Notestine
at Google Headquarters,
Search Engine Strategies
and White Water Rafting
San Jose, CA 2002


David Notestine
Cyber-Robotics, Inc.


Rated 5 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5

Rated 5 out of 5 - Download Windows Software

New Free Downloads 5 Star Awarded

5 star award

New Free Downloads 5 Star Awarded

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  Free, 170 page "Common Sense Web Marketing" eBook

We are # 1 In Google for the Keywords: Link Marketing

Make the Google Webmaster Guidelines
Your Guidelines to Success
You won't see this on another Internet Marketing web site

The Zeus Internet Marketing Robot Is The ONLY Professional
Link Building Tool

Generate qualified visitors to your web site in numbers beyond your wildest dreams.

Zeus is designed for anybody who wants to get High Listings in the Search Engines and Increase Traffic to their site.

Zeus is the original link building tool in use since 1997 and is the most widely used link marketing tool on the Internet today.

We were the first linking software company and invented every known link marketing concept in use on the Internet today. We coined the phrases 'Link Partner' and 'Themed' before Google even existed. Zeus has won more 5 star awards than any other linking software.

DOUBLES YOUR TRAFFIC - Zeus is the ONLY link tool that creates traffic to your home page with high rankings in the Search Engines AND qualified traffic DIRECTLY to your directory pages with search engine listings, visitor referrers and return traffic.

Zeus is Spam-Free and Search Engine Friendly

Zeus is also the only spam-free link trading software with its truly customizable built-in email program. Other software programs allow you to change the overall link request but Zeus is the only link tool that allows you to customize your batch link requests, down to the web site level. You can quickly PROVE that you visited their web site. This alone defines spam-free and increases the acceptance of your link requests by 400%. A Zeus Exclusive!

Another Zeus exclusive is its revolutionary web traversing robot. It is one of a kind and no other software has it. Zeus doesn't use the search engines as its source for data. The search engines hate it when software programs use them for information. Check our competitor's web sites and look at their low or grayed out PageRank. They have been punished by Google! Do you want to use their software and be punished before you even start?

Zeus' web traversing robot will find hundreds of ThemeSites every day, for years to come. Other link software finds them for a few weeks, quickly returning more junk sites than it is practical to have to keep your linking campaign going. You don't find this out until you've spent the time installing the link directory, worked to find ThemeSites and worst of all purchased the junk software. Without the use of our true web-crawling robot, your source of good ThemeSite quickly dries up, while our true robot keeps learning and returning more and more ThemeSites forever. Just the opposite of the other linking software packages.

No other link tool has the features that are standard in Zeus.

Links are the number one criteria in successful web marketing

It is a known fact that 'links to your web site', is the number one criteria in successful web marketing. If someone tries to dispute it, they are ignorant of the facts - period! Without links to your web site, its dead.

Search engines use back-links as the MOST IMPORTANT variable in their search algorithms. Every ranking program, on the Internet, uses links to a particular web site in their calculations as to how important that web site is, in relationship to other web sites. The very basis of the Internet is LINKS! That is why it is called the WORLD WIDE WEB!

Proper linking also create qualified visitors, outside the search engines. Visitors are instantly transported to your web site from links located on other sites. These are qualified visitors because they come from a like-themed web site and they know exactly what your web site is about.

If linking is not the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT marketing endeavor you work at, then you need to seriously consider if you really want to waste your time in having a web site. Go to Google and look at their webmaster guidelines, get a Google account and learn their tools to help you in promoting your web site. EVERYTHING is about links to your web site.

What Other Link Marketing Companies Don't Want You to Know

Link marketing, in itself, creates traffic to your Home page, but with a properly designed Link Directory, its Theme category pages will receive the SAME amount of traffic. DOUBLE the traffic for just marketing correctly in the first place! All this traffic is free and continues forever.

First, search engines send visitors directly to properly designed link directory pages. These pages should be built by your linking software to be search engine friendly and optimized to keyword phrases or your web site will lose 25% of its possible traffic.

Second, a properly designed directory gets ONE-WAY links. These are links other web sites set up directly to your link directory! Web masters think enough of quality, organized directories to have links to them!!! 10% of your total visits will be from these one-way links, without any work on your part. Plus, search engines give one-way links tremendous importance in whether or not your web site ranks high for various search phrases.

Third, 'Direct traffic' are visitors who visited your link directory before and added its link into their browser's favorites. They visit your web site directly and not through some other source. They liked your Zeus Link Directory so much, they come back again and again. This will be 15% of your visitors each and every day. Wow!

The quality of your link directory will account for 50% of your web site's total visitors. You will NOT receive these visits if you have an unorganized link page or use other feature-less link building tools.

Link Farms and Free-For-All link pages

There are many types of links; reciprocal links, one-way links, articles, awards, etc.

You can't be successful at link marketing with ordinary link pages. When a webmaster visits your web site to check your links area, to see if he wants to link with you, it had better be a nice, organized link directory or he won't stay... and he definitely won't link to you. The smart webmaster knows that, a link to his web site is important, but how and where that link is is even more important.

If you have a links page that is nothing more than a list of outgoing links, then you have a "free-for-all links page" which is instantly punished by ALL search engines. Search engines do not like unorganized links, when their goal is to organize the web.

If the individual link page URLs are '/links/page1.htm' and/or '/links/page2.htm', they are worthless to search engines without keyword-rich url addresses.

When I'm trading links and see these type pages, I'm gone, to find another web site to trade links with. They won't do my web site any good, because even if I were to get a link back, it would be from an unorganized mess; that doesn't count. Why should I waste an outgoing link to them?

A Good Link to Others Deserves a Good Link Back

Some lousy directories don't even have an incentive for me to became a link partner! If I trade links, I'm listed along with everybody else, link partners or not! Don't put up with being listed somewhere in perhaps dozens or even hundreds of listings on a page called '/page3.htm' or 'resources3.htm'. Wow, what crap! Would anybody want a link like this! NO! A link partner deserves more.

Even worse, some list all their Link Partners on a page called 'LinkPartners.htm' or some such other name. This is an unorganized "free-for-all links page" which search engines see as trash, plus, no one will look through dozens of unorganized links to find good web sites to visit.

I do not want my link in a directory, unless that link directory is a quality, organized and updated link resource. Any link is not always a good link.

When we designed the Zeus link directory creation features, it was important that the directory could be anything envisioned in the mind of the webmaster creating it. A webmaster needs to be able to visualize the directory structure, inside the software, to be able to easily organize and update it. Theme category pages should be able to be seen in a hierarchal tree view and then be able to have listings dragged and dropped as needed. A Zeus exclusive! Sub category pages and sub sub Theme category pages need to also be dragged and dropped for organizational ease. Exclusive! You can even preview your directory before having Zeus move your updated link directory to your web site. Another exclusive!

WHAT? Your link directory doesn't have sub and sub, sub category pages? It should - if you want it to count big in the search engines. The Zeus directory has no limits as to the hierarchal tree structure of your Theme category pages. Another Zeus exclusive :-)

Theme category pages must have descriptive URL addresses that help the search engines know what type of links are on that page. If the links on a specific page have to do with 'parrot breeders', then the page address should be /parrotbreeders.htm and the HTML Titles, comments tags, images and ALL content on that page MUST BE related to 'parrot breeders' or that page is worthless to its own webmaster and to the other webmasters needing links on that page. Each one of Zeus' Theme Category pages are keyword-tuned to attract search engines like bees to honey.

Links are hard to get, so why not stack the deck in your favor by having a quality link directory to attract webmasters looking for links? If you are finding it hard to get links to your web site, perhaps you had better look at the image your link pages display to a visiting webmaster.

Zeus Grows With You

As your web site grows, in traffic and link listings, Zeus will grow right along with your web site. Directories can reach 10s of thousands of listings and Zeus handles it easily.

When directories become large, the zSearch add-on turns it into a search engine, so visitors can search your web site for listings that match a keyword phrase. Its fast - searches 5,000 listings in 2 seconds. Another Zeus exclusive!

Some link directories can become so busy, they take hours of maintenance work every day. The Auto-Submissions add-on automates the listing process when linking webmasters need to add or edit their web site's listing into your link directory. They fill out a listing form located in your directory and the information is sent directly to Zeus for you to approve. It notifies you by email that a listing has been submitted, start Zeus and approve the listing; its that simple. No copying and pasting, no cleaning up email text, no html editing. Now adding a new link just takes seconds. Another Zeus exclusive!

It Does Take Hard Work

Link building is work. Don't fall for the false idea and appeal that weak link building tools have. They tell you they are so easy to use, you don't even have to read the manual. If its so feature-less, you don't want it. Microsoft provides a program called Notepad, already installed on your computer, used for text processing. There is no need to read the manual because of the simplicity and lack of features it has. It's great for basic text writing. However, Microsoft's Word program does need a manual. Its one of the world's most powerful word processing programs. If NotePad is all you need, then by all means use it, but any professional has to have Word or its equivalent. Zeus is for professional webmasters.

There are no easy ways of getting GOOD reciprocal links! You HAVE TO find quality web sites, visit them, approve them, add them to your directory, update your directory and send customized emails for each web site, to webmasters for link requests, updates and notices. You MUST go out and link the old fashioned way, by hard work. If it was so easy, everyone would do it and then it wouldn't be effective anymore. The easy solutions don't work and only put money in the pockets of those that made you the false promises.

I'm the only one telling you its going to take A LOT OF WORK, on your part, to succeed on the Internet. I'll give you the prescription for success, but not one for magic pills :-)

If you add content and have legitimate, trusted links to that content, you will be successful.

We teach you what you need to know

I will show you, in the fastest way possible, everything you need to know to be successful in web marketing. We offer free eBooks that teach proper web marketing and how to use Zeus in your marketing endeavors. We offer online seminars, fast support and our packages include telephone mentoring to guide you and your web sites in becoming successful.

We have a great Free eBook called "Common Sense Web Marketing" that you need to read, if you would like your web site to be successful. If you need to know the who, what, where, when and why of web marketing, read this book. Everything about link partners, themed linking, request emails, who to include, who not to include, etc. this eBook covers. If you have questions after reading this eBook, I'll answer them for free, if you contact me by clicking the link in the menus at the top of the page.

If you have tried it your way for months or years, try it my way, for the next 3 months, and I assure you, you will succeed. You will have to work at it, but that is what it takes. Nothing comes easy and its time to stop looking for the magic pill that will send you those hordes of visitors you so justly deserve.

What Google thinks of Zeus

Google has decided Zeus is number one in "Link Marketing"! Prove it, to yourself, by visiting Google and searching for 'link marketing'.

In Google's own link directory, Cyber-Robotics is in the Top 10 listings in 'Web site Promotion', with less than 100 listings in the entire category, out of 10s of millions of web sites. This prestigious listing has not been purchased, but earned. This should tell you to try Zeus today..


Keyword Wizard
  • Allows you to train Zeus, with keywords, to find the type of Sites you want.

Search Engine
  • Zeus automatically finds the type of web sites you are looking for.

Approve Screen
  • Here you go through the sites, Zeus has found, and approve them for inclusion in your directory. You also choose an e-mail address to which to send your reciprocal E-mail message.

Create Screen
  • This area is where Zeus creates your directory and uploads it, to your Website, using the built in FTP program.

E-Mail Screen
  • In this screen you choose the customized E-Mail message, you want to send, and send it to all the sites you have approved, automatically.
  • You can also use this feature to send E-Mail to whatever sites you want to for follow up, or announce  special promotions, etc.

Maintain Screen
  • The Maintenance screen allows you to add Link Partners, add sites you may have received via a form response or other method, send thank you E-Mails, and generally maintain your Zeus Directory.

Audit Screen
  • The Audit feature allows you to make sure your Link Partners still have your link listed. It checks for 404 sites not found errors.
  • Adds to the Database, any new links found, that might have been added to a site, so Zeus can visit these links.

Multiple Projects
  • You can use Zeus to create multiple Zeus Directories for ALL your Websites.

Google PageRank Indicator
  • As you navigate through your ThemeSite Viewer, the PageRank indicator displays the page rank for every web page and stores it in the Database for the Home page.

Form Filler
  • A Form Filler to fill in forms that more and more sites are using now for Reciprocal Link Exchanges.

SQL Easy Query
  • Find what you want in Zeus. Custom Queries can be created.

Themed Content

  • Adds the ability to add unique text, html, scripts and content to each Theme Category page, in any location you wish.

Zeus has 3 modes. Easy, Intermediate and Advanced. This allows you to learn Zeus at your own pace. Click Here for a Screen Shot.

"Learning Zeus" PDF eBook - The most comprehensive guide to learning Zeus. Click here to download and view. Please have patience as this is a large file. You need Acrobat Reader to view this file.

Click Here to download the Free Version.

Click Here to Purchase PRO Version

$99.00. Includes all the Features

Click Here for FREE vs PRO comparison.

45 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee !

 Prepare to have your ideas of Internet Marketing
changed forever!

Search Engine Radio

Brad Fallon's
Search Engine Radio

3 Part Interview with David Notestine
CEO and Founder
of the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot

Before you waste your time or money, ask for proof, especially on the Internet."
David Notestine
Creator of the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot


 Zeus Users enjoy Great Traffic, HIGH  PageRank and
TOP 10 listings


 "I found your Zeus product, checked around and found that many were satisfied and took the plunge. Not wanting to waste any time, as soon as I got our site up and running, the first thing was to get Zeus working. The staff were so responsive I couldn't believe it and the professional help was superb. I am very glad I bought the professional grade level and got all the support and help.

Staff helped me get the website improved, as a value added service and I am a total neophyte about websites and programming and still have Zeus key words and training up and running within days.
Thanks Zeus"
Soleil and Greg Malofy

"I purchased Zeus based on many recommendations from other site owners on  I didn't try the free version and then decide later to purchase.  I have three websites and a full-time job, and I don't have time to monkey around.  I needed a great way to get quality links and direct traffic to my website, and Zeus fit that bill perfectly.  I also used the services of the Zeus staff to build my pages to look like my website, add my headers and footers, and help me set it up the way I wanted.  Peter does a fabulous job and if you are like me, and have zero time to wade through html to do it yourself, these services save mega-time.  I used their services on all three of my websites.

Zeus brings me lots of high PR websites.  Recently I have had a need to retrain Zeus on different keywords.  This function was put in fairly recently and has worked well for me also.  My websites went from PR2 to PR3 quickly once I started using Zeus.  Until Google changed its algorithm again, one of my sites went to PR4.  I am now trying to get more links and direct more traffic to show Google the relevance and importance of my websites again.

SEO changes every day as witnessed by the Google changes, but some things don't change.  We need traffic that is targeted and high quality to drive sales.  We get excellent traffic from our link partners, and we get the best link partners from Zeus.  I highly recommend it and hope you will purchase it and use it as I do every single day for one of my websites at the very least".
Julie Eby

More Testimonials

 # 1 Highest Scoring, User-Rated
Web Site Promotion Software
'Web Developer > Site Management' Category


 And Now Hear From The Experts  

URLwire announced the original Web launches of,, Vineyards, OnSale, Link Exchange, Dell,, Infobeat, The BBC, Kellogg's, MoMA,, MyPoints/CyberGold,, and sites for Ziff-Davis, The New York Times, The Discovery Channel, Microsoft, AOL, Mining Company, The AMA and
Eric Ward, The Father of Link Marketing
Named as "One of the Web's 100 Most Influential People"

"You should feel free to purchase Zeus. Zeus itself is only a tool. It is the user's approach and technique that determine if Zeus is being used to its maximum benefit. Zeus itself does not bring traffic to your site. It is the sites that link to your site that bring traffic to your site, and you seek those links in a number of ways, one of which is using a tool like Zeus."

Eric Ward
Academy Of Web Specialists

"A site that links to you can only increase your link popularity not decrease it.....let me introduce to you a terrific program that will help you find hundreds, if not thousands, of sites related to yours to which to link:
Zeus The Internet Marketing Robot."
Bill Gentry Review

MENSA International Journal
Haakon Rian Ueland
SmartWare Editor

"In order to get a good placement in the SE’s, having an optimized website isn’t enough. You need links from other sites – reciprocal links – and preferably from sites with a similar theme to yours. ----- Since I am writing about this here, there is a smarter way: Zeus the Reciprocal Link Generator! Complete Review

Jim Buchanan John Buchanan
Author of the book "The Insider's Guide to Dominating The Search Engines,"
Publisher of a free monthly newsletter "The Search Engine Bulletin."

"Zeus is a software program that was designed to automate the task of finding reciprocal links for you, leaving you free to concentrate on your business, customers and promotion. It's sole purpose is to crawl the Web and find sites that match your criteria, and then get them to link to you." Article

Terry Plank
Search Engine Marketing Consultation

"As Director of Training for the Academy of Web Specialists, I have ample opportunity to know the Search Engine Marketing landscape. I can say unequivocally that Zeus is one of the top 4 essential tools for developing a successful Web site. Not only that, whenever I have a question about Link Marketing, David Notestine, the developer of Zeus, has proven time after time to be right on target with his observations and his advice. It's a proven product developed by a knowledgeable SEM professional."

Terry Plank, certified internet marketing and business strategist
Apply Marketing Rudy DeDominicis
roducer of Computing and Technology.

"The Zeus Marketing Robot is probably one the most best kept secrets in aggressive online marketing... Cyber Robotics provides a free demo version of this software that you can download and see for yourself how effective a robot can be in online marketing." Complete Review

Derek Galon
Author of the book "The Savvy Way to Successful Website Promotion

"Exchanging links may take an incredible amount of time. Searching for proper websites, emailing with link exchange offers, maintaining links database � all that is really a time consuming task, but well worth doing nonetheless. Recently I found an amazing tool to make this task much easier � it is called “Zeus”. It can automate the whole process for you." Complete Review

"You've read about this tool elsewhere; after spending quite a bit of time playing with it, here's the Dirtsmart lowdown.. Excellent tool"....."its keyword-based site searching robot is an absolutely wonderful way to seek out specific resources on the Web"   Dirtsmart Ezine .

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