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Do you have an internet marketing newsletter, e-zine or website? Do you need content?

These articles will provide you with content for your web site or newsletters, PLUS, in combination with our Distributor program, provide you with revenue from sales generated from the visitor traffic you send to If your mailing list is over 5,000, please contact us here for details on our Gold Distributor program :-)

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The author of this article is David Notestine, the creator of the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot, rapidly being recognized as the best automated website marketing software on the Internet. His radical views are being embraced by webmasters throughout the web, as the truth about website marketing. Mr Notestine is also the creator the world's first collective search engine:

Zeus, an easy-to-use, intelligent, Internet marketing robot that builds a search link directory and creates reciprocal links for your web site. A totally new concept in generating web traffic, this revolutionary software product has features and benefits that enable it to create traffic to your web site, in numbers beyond your wildest dreams. One good reciprocal link can give you the same traffic as a major search engine and, with a Zeus robot, you can have thousands of reciprocal links. Zeus generates both new and return visitors to your web site.

To visit David's site: http//

Content has been reprinted with permission of the author. First appeared in, 1999-2000 David Notestine, all rights remain with author.


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The Articles

The Truth about Search Engines - Part 1

Search Engines are not everything that they profess to be. They are certainly not the traffic producers that you have been told they are. Search engines are important, but they should only be a small part of your marketing efforts. You need to be able to submit to them, then forget them. How are you going to beat out the other 3,000,000,000 (3 billion) web pages on the internet? Your web site is in competition, for a top listing, with every one of them. What do you have that they don't? You are not going to beat them all!...............

661 words

The Truth About Search Engines - Part 2

If there is one thing I have learned about robots, it is that there is absolutely no pattern to them. Most robots are stupid and wander randomly. For example, 50% of robot hits to my sites, ask for the robots.txt page and then go away never asking for anything else. Then they come back a week later, ask for the same thing and then go away, again. This happens over and over again for months. I have never figured it out. What are they doing? If they wanted to see if the website was really a web site, they could just Ping it. This would be much faster and much more efficient. They seldom visit another page and if they do, they ask for one other page every visit or so. Some come in and issue rapid-fire requests for every page in the website. How rude! You have to quit worrying so much about robots. It takes 6 months before they request enough pages to do you any good. I really quit thinking about them a long time ago. Build a lot of pages correctly and, if you have reciprocal links to them, the robots will find them someday..........................

1275 words

Creating a Web Presence, State of the Internet and Marketing - Part 1

Have you been worried about the dot-com crash and the future of your website? 

Internet commerce is supposed to reach 5 trillion dollars by the year 2005 with over 1 billion global users, 15% of the world’s population! This is a 70% compounded annual growth rate from the approximately 350 billion that was spent in the year 2000. That is what I call opportunity.

732 words

Creating a Web Presence, Strategic Trusts - Part 2

Strategic trusts are made up of energy, time, trust, communication and commitments towards these opportunities. Over time, as one learns to work with one another and you become dependant upon each other, the trust is born. Employees, other websites and webmasters, software, product suppliers, cgi scripts, advertising relationships, repair people, sales people, lawyers, accountants, customers, competitors, bankers and basically every person or mechanism you become involved with in your business becomes either a failed or successful strategic alliance. Successful ones are those that pay off in profit or helping you to reach your goals. The failed ones go away and gradually you collect the successful ones with your business also becoming successful.

667 words

Creating a Web Presence, Links and Search Engine Marketing - Part 3

Creating a link page or link directory is a great way of providing new visitors, opportunities, content for your return visitors and search engine traffic. Properly organized, tightly themed link directory pages can send your website thousands of visitors on a daily or weekly basis. These mini-search engines become immensely popular and it’s location is saved in thousands of browser favorites, especially if you have a way for your visitor to conveniently search for information with a search script. Once a visitor finds a link directory pertaining to a subject they are interested in, they return again and again.

706 words

Creating a Web Presence, Strategic Opportunities - Part 4

OK, so what happens now? You have the roads or signs pointing to your shop or website, content to make them return again and again, traffic from the search engines which everyone always wanted. Is this what it’s all about. Not even close, it’s just started :-) The opportunities of your Link Directory has become a strategic trust. One you can always rely on to continue driving you traffic AND opportunities. This is your motivation to continue. Roads to your site are what open these opportunities. You have to be able to see these as opportunities as opportunities, which is hard to do without common sense.

678 words

The Basics of Asking for a Reciprocal Link

Asking another webmaster for a reciprocal link is standard practice on the Internet. Webmasters have been asking other webmasters for reciprocal links since the beginnings of the Internet. The very nature of the web is linking websites to one another. It is of even higher importance, now that AltaVista and others have changed their ranking algorithms.

If a webmaster considers your email spam then he can report you. If your emails are unique, without commercials, and are personalized with unique personal information about the webmaster's website that you are emailing, then it would be hard to call your email spam.................

835 words

How To Do Link Popularity

Cyber-Robotics, in a typical month, gets over 2 million hits; however, we only average 3 to 5 visitors per day from the search engines. Do the math - that works out to anywhere from 84 to 155 visitors per month provided from the likes of Alta Vista, Lycos or Yahoo. Very small numbers when compared to 2,000,000 hits. The secret to our success lies in the sheer number of links that point in our direction. This is how truly qualified traffic comes in our direction, and this is the best means securing visitors to your site as well, as long as everyone is linking to only websites that match each other's subjects or themes....

754 words - February 5, 2001

The Truth About Link Exchanges

We have received information from a pretty trusted source that Link Exchanges are something that some of the search engines frown on and are penalizing for using them...

893 words - March 9, 2001


The Robots Are Here!

Deep within the cyber-energetic strands of the Web, a newly trained Zeus Robot casts it's first probe into the vastness of the Internet. Leaving the shelter of his Home site, he shyly advances on his first visit. His actions and reactions are in sync with the 4 Laws of Web Robotics, he must obey. He will know the web site that he's looking for when he finds it, but this is not the one. He travels to the next site using links found within the first. The visits have started! The Robots are here.........

778 words  -  January 22, 2001


Understanding The Flow of Internet Traffic, to Attain Website Traffic - Part 1

To attain visitor traffic to your website you must understand how traffic flows throughout the internet. This understanding stems from the basic algorithm of the Internet and the goals of it's original creators. The goal of the creators was to link the knowledge of mankind together by using hyperlinks. That's it. You can be on one page of content and click a link, to be sent to another. Links point to sites or pages of similar content. The Internet grew and became what is today because of a simple basic goal, but we are leaving that basic premise by relying on search engines to move traffic to our websites. ................

537 words


Understanding The Flow of Internet Traffic, to Attain Website Traffic - Part 2

So how do you get more than the 3 hits a day that the average website gets on the internet? You must understand links and their importance to traffic. Traffic is what feeds e-commerce, business-to-business or any Internet website for that matter and links are our signs and roadways, for visitors and robots alike, to find our sites and easily visit them. Without links, pointing to you and away from you, you are nothing................

503 words


Understanding Meta Keywords

Adding keywords simply requires editing the HTML code and adding the meta tags, as in the following example. The top of a web page source code on your site might look like:

<TITLE>ACME Corporation Devices Information</TITLE>
<H1>ACME Corporation Innovative Opening Devices Information</H1>

406 words


The Cost Of NOT Making Money On The Internet Has Just Gone Up - Part 1

These are troubling times for the Internet. Investors have turned away in droves from dot-com businesses. Many of these dot-coms have gone belly-up and have slid below the surface of cyberspace. Everyone believed the hype about the Internet being an untapped gold mine. Myths upon myths were perpetuated. Now, even the big names have cash flow problems. Like giant stars they burned brilliantly at first, surviving off the cash they were fed but have since collapsed into black holes, now wanting to survive by sucking in the wary.  They are themselves in meltdown scenarios.

741 words


The Cost Of NOT Making Money On The Internet Has Just Gone Up - Part 2

There is only one way to get true, consistent, qualified traffic, one that does not rely on submitting to search engines. If you want traffic to your website, build roads to it. These are called links. Then provide content, so your new visitors come back. It's simple to build roads to your web site with links.  The more links that are pointing to your site, the more visitors you get. After all, a search engine is nothing more than a link pointing to you.

By this time you’re wondering, how can links replace search engines? They don’t replace them as links have been there all along, it’s just the powers that be haven’t wanted you to see the truth and the truth is simple. The basis of this truth is in the basic algorithm of the Internet, which is that HTML pages link to each other so surfers can quickly find the content they want. Linking and content are everything, period.

720 words


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